Some Key Considerations

NTS work in accordance with Sport England and Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) requirements.

NTS have access to high quality survey and analysis technology, working alongside an approved independent soil laboratory to identify the characteristics of the local topsoil and subsoil.

For a single court the ITF and LTA ‘recommended’ total court area including run offs is 36.57m x 18.29m. However, for sites not large enough to accommodate this, it is possible to construct a total court area including run offs to 34.75m x 17.07m.

With in-house CAD design software, NTS are able to provide detailed layout drawings.

NTS provide specialist input early on during the design phase to prevent issues later on in the project. For example, to avoid tennis players sightlines affected by the setting sun, it’s advisable for tennis courts to be orientated approximately north/south.

Natural turf tennis courts need to have the ability to withstand reasonably intense usage over a small surface area.

The recovery period is very short and it’s important the surface doesn’t deteriorate too quickly. For multi-court facilities a court rotation management system may be advisable.