Appraisal of Requirements

Choosing a competent consultant at an early stage of your project will save time and money.

NTS approach each project on a individual basis and gaining an understanding of the expected usage of a new (or redeveloped) natural turf sports area is key from the outset.

The NTS team has excellent knowledge of the key considerations and how they can potentially influence the route that a project may take.

Feasibility Study

A technical appraisal of the site is a key element to help progress the development of any sports turf project. It is important that this is carried out by an truly independent professional.

As part of the Feasibility Study, NTS would typically carry out a desktop investigation assessing any factors that may impact on a proposed project (such as flood map planning, land use history, local climate). NTS would also visit site and carry out a survey assessing key aspects such as infiltration potential, site topography, soil type and depth etc.

A subsequent report is then provided to present reasoned outline proposals for the facility with outline cost options. Cost options will also indicate likely maintenance operations and associated costs.